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Zurn's Q Pex brass fittings are used with a type of flexible pipe plumbing called “Pex.” Pex is a generic term for plastic pipe made from cross-linked polyethylene. Zurn’s Pex piping is usually sold in red, white and blue colors.


The Zurn Pex fittings at issue in the case are made from brass. Zurn’s plastic fittings and fittings made by other manufacturers are not covered by this case.


Zurn’s brass fittings have a Q Pex or QPex identifying stamp. The pictures above show only some of the fittings at issue in this case. Other types of Zurn brass fittings are also covered.

  Disclaimer: This web site was created by the attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the case against Zurn® Pex, Inc. and Zurn® Industries, Inc. The web site is not intended to provide legal advice.