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This is an informational web site for putative class actions against the maker of Zurn Pex plumbing systems. Zurn's fittings are identified by a Q Pex or a QPex stamped on their side. The homeowners who brought these cases claim that Zurn's brass fittings were incorrectly designed and manufactured. As a result, the homeowners allege that the Zurn Pex fittings fail prematurely – sometimes only months after installation. Substantial water damage may occur when the fittings fail.

Zurn has acknowledged that it has seen an increased number of premature failures and leaks in its QPex fittings but denies that it is liable for those failures. This case is intended to determine who is responsible for the premature failures.

The "Ticking Time Bomb"

The problems with Zurn Pex fittings cracking and leaking are so severe that one of Zurn's own representatives calls the fittings a "ticking time bomb." The following is an excerpt from a 2005 email from that Zurn representative:

Zurn Stops Selling Brass Pex Fittings

After selling approximately 200 million brass fittings for its pex systems, Zurn stopped selling brass fittings in May 2010. It will now sell only plastic fittings for pex systems.

We believe Zurn’s withdrawal of the brass fittings from the market is strong evidence that the brass fittings are defective.

New Developments

The federal judge coordinating the cases filed against Zurn has preliminarily approved a settlement that would resolve claims brought for problems with Zurn pex plumbing systems. If you own such a system, you should review the settlement documents to determine what the settlement provides and what options are available to you. Information about the settlement, claim forms, and case documents may be obtained at www.plumbingfittingsettlement.com


For information on another Pex related lawsuit, visit www.uponorlawsuit.com.

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Larson • King, LLP

Shawn M. Raiter
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  Disclaimer: This web site was created by the attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the case against Zurn® Pex, Inc. and Zurn® Industries, Inc. The web site is not intended to provide legal advice.